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Playing at the Park

This past weekend my wonderful wife went to Atlanta for an inservice event. So I got to have a Daddy/Daughter weekend with my beautiful daughter. There is nothing quite like having quality time with your two year old daughter.

We had a wonderful morning on Saturday, we went to the Fountain City Park and played on the swings and slides.

Enjoy some photographs from our play time.
First Emma spotted the swings. If you can’t tell from these photographs, Emma loves to swing.
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0001.jpg
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0002.jpg

Then she saw the slides. She looked up at me and said “Daddy, I need to slide” (in a way that only a 2 year old can).
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0003.jpg
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0004.jpg
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0007.jpg

After sliding for awhile, she explored the rest of the play ground. We found this blue structure that she loved playing peek-a-boo with me.
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0005.jpg

Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0006.jpg

The game of peek-a-boo didn’t last long because there were more slides to explore. Emma got to slide on her first metal slide and the first thing out of her mouth was “That was fast.” No photos were taken during the metal slide because I had to help her climb it then run to the other end to catch her. It was so much fun to watch her on the metal slide.

On one of the play sets there was a tub you had to go through to get to more slides. Emma finally got up the courage to go through, initially holding my hand that I was sticking through the holes on the sides. Eventually she was able to do it on her own. I love seeing her overcome her fears and try new things.
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0008.jpg

Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0009.jpg

Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0010.jpg

Eventually we took a break from swinging and sliding and went shopping at a little boutique shop called Clover Cottage. A cute shop full of jewelry, hair bows, hand bags, etc. Anything and everything that makes little girls say “Daddy I need that.” We ended up just getting a new flower hair clip on that day.
Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0011.jpg

Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0012.jpg

Daddy-Daughter Play Date-20100918-0013.jpg

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